Summer is a time for family vacations and, often, remodels. While remodels can be exciting, they can also be dangerous. If you enjoy doing your own remodeling, it is important that your property has been tested for asbestos. Asbestos can be found in older and newer properties all over the United States. If you are planning a Summer remodel and your home has not been tested for asbestos, now is the time. An asbestos test is an easy test that will allow you to do remodels until your heart is content safely!

Why Do I Need An Asbestos Test?

The main reason for having an asbestos test completed on your property is for the safety of you and your family. Asbestos exposure causes severe illnesses such as cancer. If you knew a test could protect your family, wouldn’t you have it completed? A certified asbestos removal company completes asbestos testing. They will gather samples from your property. The test is very comprehensive, as the exterior and interior of the home are tested. Once all samples have been gathered, they will be sent away to a lab for testing. Once the test results are received, you will either be able to continue with your Summer remodel with peace of mind or need asbestos abatement.

Asbestos abatement may sound like a scary ordeal, but it isn’t. You will need to leave the property for a designated number of days. While this is not ideal for anyone, it is for the safety of everyone. Once the area is vacant, asbestos abatement professionals will begin sealing areas off. Once sealed, they will enter those areas wearing respirators and special clothing. Removal will begin, and the asbestos-containing materials will be secured for safe disposal. Once all asbestos has been removed, you can re-enter your property knowing it is safe!