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Demolition Services of Ogden

Asbestos Abatement Services of Ogden provides complete demolition services to all of Ogden, Utah, including residential and commercial properties. Our team specializes in full service demolition and asbestos removal services. We are a state-licensed asbestos inspector for all of Utah. If you are in need of safe asbestos removal or inspection services, give us a call today!


Asbestos can cause very serious problems when it comes to the health and safety of your family. Trust us to remove all of the harmful material from your home or business.

Inspections & Demolitions

At Asbestos Abatement Services of Ogden, we are your first choice for demolition inspections and removal of asbestos during the process. Our team will handle your demolition project from start to finish. The Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) oversees permitting for all demolitions in Utah. With laws and regulations in place, it is tough to know when you need an asbestos demolition inspector. Luckily, Asbestos Abatement Services of Ogden knows and understands all the laws and regulations surrounding asbestos removal during demolition. Many are uninformed about asbestos removal and do not realize that a pre-demolition inspection is an initial step in destroying a structure. We are here for all your asbestos removal and demolition needs, from small garages to large commercial buildings.

State inspector

A state-licensed asbestos inspector must perform asbestos demolition inspections. Some forms of asbestos can remain in the home or business during the demolition process. Still, a licensed asbestos contractor must remove any materials that are classified as a Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) before the complete demolition of a structure.

What Next?

If your asbestos test comes back and your Ogden property does not contain asbestos, it can be easily demolished by our team. While many are unaware of the laws and regulations, it is great to have a one-stop-shop for all your asbestos inspection, testing, and removal needs. Asbestos Abatement Services of Ogden will handle your asbestos pre-demolition inspections, asbestos removal, and full service demolition. Our team of expert asbestos removal contractors will ensure the safe removal of all asbestos from your property and ensure it is disposed of safely. Whether you need an asbestos pre-demolition inspection or complete asbestos removal, our team has you covered – From start to finish!

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