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Abatement Services of Ogden

Abatement Services of Ogden provides quality asbestos removal services to Ogden and the neighboring cities. Our team not only offers asbestos abatement services to residential properties but to commercial ones as well. We are licensed and certified to handle all types of asbestos services, including testing and removal. If you are looking for expert asbestos abatement services, give us a call today. Our team provides free estimates and reasonable prices, all while offering excellent customer service and products.

Abatement Services of Ogden is proud to provide commercial and residential asbestos testing and removal services. Our asbestos abatement contractors are not just certified to work in Ogden, but the entire state. If you need professional asbestos services, give us a call. Our team has the proper training, licenses, and certifications to work in both residential and commercial settings. We want to make your asbestos removal process as stress-free, easy, and affordable as possible.


Asbestos can cause very serious problems when it comes to the health and safety of your family. Trust us to remove all of the harmful material from your home or business.

Why Use a Professional?

Asbestos fibers were used in construction materials for many decades. It was the perfect addition, as it was fire retardant, durable, and cheap. Over time, it was determined that asbestos fibers are highly dangerous and cause major illnesses. It has been linked to cancer and death. If your home does contain asbestos, it is crucial that you hire a certified and licensed asbestos abatement company such as Abatement Services of Ogden. We have the proper equipment and suits to safely remove and dispose of asbestos from your home or business. Leave it to the professionals, as it could save the lives of you and your family!

Asbestos removal is imperative for your safety. For more information give us a call.
We provide excellent services at a reasonable price!