Demolitions of more significant buildings have different regulations and rules that must be followed. A part of those regulations is asbestos testing and asbestos contractor removal during demolition. A lot of older buildings have asbestos-containing materials. Many companies have had their property tested and already know that they will need to follow asbestos demolition steps during the removal of the building. Older companies that are wanting to demolish the building and start new will need to have testing completed to see if asbestos is present on the property. If so, they will need to follow the rules when demolishing the building.

Asbestos Demolition Process

The asbestos process for the demolition of larger buildings is different from residential properties. More significant buildings usually contain a massive amount of asbestos materials. Before the demolition can occur, asbestos abatement contractors will need to begin removing the asbestos-containing materials. Areas will need to be sealed off and the asbestos materials removed and contained for safe disposal. This process can take time, as the goal is to ensure no one is exposed to asbestos during the removal process. Asbestos Abatement professionals will work in stages. They will wear special respirators and suits and have the equipment to safely remove asbestos while ensuring no asbestos fibers escape the area.

Once all asbestos-containing materials have been removed from the property, the demolition process can take place. Asbestos is removed before demolition to protect everyone in the general vicinity of the building. Asbestos fibers are tiny and not able to be seen. The fibers can float through the air and into people’s homes and cars. If you own a building that you want to demolish, contact an asbestos abatement company prior to the demolition; this way, you will know that no rules or regulations have been broken during the demolition process.