Older Commercial properties are one of the main places that contain asbestos. Commercial buildings, especially large ones, are often remodeled and not torn down and rebuilt. This can cause a false sense of security, as the building looks new, so surely, it does not contain asbestos. This is not usually the case. Asbestos-containing materials are generally not entirely removed or even touched during a remodel. Insulation is either added to or not removed at all. Insulation is one of the significant materials that is known to contain asbestos. Asbestos could also be lurking in drywall, tiles, roofing, and even adhesives. Many of these materials are not touched during a remodel.

What Can You Do as A Commercial Property Owner?

If you own a commercial property, it is important to ensure it is free from asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos exposure is severe and can cause severe illnesses. The best way to keep you, your employees, and clients safe is through an asbestos inspection and test. Asbestos inspections are comprehensive. Certified and licensed asbestos abatement professionals should complete asbestos inspection and test. During the inspection, samples will be taken. These samples will be delivered to a lab to ensure your results are correct. If the commercial property has asbestos, it will need to be removed.

Asbestos removal is a process that must be completed by a certified asbestos abatement professional. Special licenses are required for the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. If your property contains asbestos, it will need to be removed as soon as possible. Asbestos causes cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The asbestos removal professional will go over options with you. Many times, areas can be sealed off and worked on, so that your commercial business can continue to run. If this is not the case, asbestos removal could take a few days to complete, and the area will need to be vacated.

If you need asbestos removal services, contact Asbestos Abatement Services for an estimate and to answer any inquiries you may have about asbestos, asbestos testing, and asbestos removal.