If you live in Ogden, UT, asbestos is most likely something you have heard of. Asbestos is a mineral fiber used in construction materials for decades but can cause severe health issues if disturbed, and its fibers become airborne. Unfortunately, many myths about asbestos can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Here are some common myths about asbestos and how can asbestos removal services help.

Myth 1: Asbestos Is No Longer Used in Building Materials

This is not true – asbestos may still be found in common building products such as insulation, roofing shingles, and floor tiles. While it is not as widely used today, it is essential to remember that older homes may still contain asbestos-containing materials.

Myth 2: Asbestos Is Only Dangerous When Disturbed

While it is true that asbestos fibers can become airborne and cause health issues when disturbed, it is essential to remember that asbestos can be a hazard even if it remains undisturbed. Over time, the material can degrade, leading to asbestos particles becoming airborne. Asbestos can cause a variety of illnesses, including mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Myth 3: Homeowners Can Safely Remove Asbestos on Their Own

Asbestos removal should always be conducted by a licensed and certified professional. Asbestos materials must be disposed of properly, and attempting to remove them alone can put you at risk for serious health issues.

Here are the steps followed by experts in asbestos testing and removal:
a) Inspecting the building for asbestos-containing materials
b) Collecting samples of any suspicious material
c) Testing the material in a lab to confirm the presence of asbestos
d) Developing an abatement plan that covers removal and disposal, as well as notification of environmental and health agencies
e) Executing the plan safely and properly
f) Monitoring the area to ensure that no asbestos fibers have been left behind

Call Asbestos Abatement Services in Ogden, UT, for the best possible results. Our certified experts will inspect your building for asbestos-containing materials and create a plan that meets all government regulations. With our help, you can rest assured your home is safe from any potential health issues caused by asbestos. Contact us today to get started!