Asbestos is everywhere in the world. It is a naturally growing fiber that was mined and used for pottery, textiles, and building materials through the centuries. Asbestos was known to cause illnesses early on, but laws and regulations were not passed until the 1980s. While these laws and regulations were passed, asbestos has still been used in some materials throughout the years. Many are concerned with where they could be exposed. Below, we will list five common areas that could contain asbestos and cause exposure.

Your Home

Your home is the number one place you should look at first. Asbestos has been used for building materials for decades in the United States. Older homes are more common for asbestos-containing materials, but some new homes contain asbestos as well. You should have your home tested for asbestos for your peace of mind and especially before completing any remodels.


Work is also a common area to find asbestos. Asbestos was once used in many different occupations. Shipyards, miners, military personnel, and construction workers were at the top of the list. Today, other professions are also at risk. We are seeing teachers and nurses with asbestos-related illnesses.


Schools should be a safe place for your child, and it generally is. However, many older schools still contain asbestos. While there are plans in place to keep your children safe from asbestos, it is still a possible place for asbestos exposure.

Commercial Buildings

Older buildings are a common source of asbestos exposure. Many older buildings contain asbestos. These older buildings should be tested for asbestos-containing materials and have the asbestos removed as soon as possible. The best advice is to stay away from very old commercial properties.

Railroads, Construction areas, and Ships

Railroads, construction areas, and shipyards are all places that could contain asbestos. Asbestos was used in ships, construction materials, and on railroads. Today, it is less likely to have asbestos, but still reasonably common.

As you can see, asbestos-containing materials are still a concern in the United States. Laws and regulations have made it safer, but the risk of exposure is still there.